About Me

Hi there! I’m Erin Kennedy. Welcome to my first-ever blog!IMG_5634

An administrator by trade, I organize and plan, and make wild-dream lists. I dabble in writing and photography, and paint walls, landscapes and flowers. I love God, and am probably his child in need most of his loving discipline. I love to travel, learn languages, to read Bible and books about God, about history, ancestry and mysteries. I marvel at every sunrise, find comfort in the sound and smell of soft summer rain, and savor the smell of baby and the softness of their pudgy fists.  I’m a proud mum of three spirited and delicious kids, my amazing husband’s active wife (and apparently wear turbo-thrusters), a sister to an amazing brother, a daughter to awesome parents, an aunt and in-law to a whole bunch, and blessed friend of a beautiful handful … and hopefully you too!


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