About Me

An administrator by trade, I organize and plan, and make wild-dream lists. I dabble in writing and photography, and paint walls, landscapes and flowers. I love God, and am probably his child in need most of his loving discipline. I love to travel, learn languages, to read Bible and books about God, about history, ancestry and mysteries. I marvel at every sunrise, find comfort in the sound and smell of soft summer rain, and savor the smell of baby and the softness of their pudgy fists.  I’m a proud mum of three spirited and delicious kids, my amazing husband’s active wife (and apparently wear turbo-thrusters), a sister to an amazing brother, a daughter to awesome parents, an aunt and in-law to a whole bunch, and blessed friend of a beautiful handful … and hopefully you too!

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I firmly believe that all that we have – every skill we possess, every gifting we are blessed with, every morsel of food on our table, every hair on our heads, every Good thing and relationship we have comes from our loving God, our Father in Heaven – including the money in our bank accounts and coins and bills in our pockets. I experienced many aha moments during the free 5-Day Wealth with God Challenge. Revolutionized how I looked at money, its biblical (re)assignment, and compelled me out of love for Him to want the dollars He entrusts me with to become soldiers for spreading Kingdom.

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