About Erin

Erin Kennedy is a Montreal native, where she still currently resides with her husband, Andre. She wears many hats: mother, Nana, amateur photographer and beginner water-colourist to name just a few. Most days you can find her in her garden, reading Scripture or playing with her grandchildren. She is an avid writer, most often journalling her the adventure that is her journey with the Lord.

For a breath of fresh air, welcome a new plant to your space.

As human beings, we feel our best surrounded by nature – the presence of plants and trees can improve our mood and lift our spirits.

Dorna complements indoor spaces with its soothing hue and corn stalk-like silhouette.

Complements your space.

No special light requirements.

No watering is needed.

Positive Moods

Did you know filling your space with artificial plants can have the same positive effect as real plants? This concept is known as the Biophilic Design.

Things like images of nature, natural materials, and earthy tones create a soothing, more welcoming environment.

Get yours now

Dorna’s dried look palm leaf is perfect on its own, preferably displayed in a medium-height vase.

It’s also an excellent addition to any floral arrangement.


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