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Hi! I’m Erin. I’m a dabbler in gardening, writing, photography, and watercolor. I love God and His Word, the Bible, and this blog is a collection of thoughts, in tapestry of words, photos, and graphics. Much like a garden, a photo, or watercolor, it could be subject to creative change in design and format, offering alternative perspective and reflection. But above all, let it always be true to the Word, and honour God!

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Coming soon!

My podcast, “Latter Rain” is scheduled to go live in January 2022! Stay tuned for news and links here!

Does God really speak to us?

Very much so, I believe, and to each of us in ways as unique and glorious and unmistakably beautiful as we each are! Come journey with me as I lean in and listen for the whispers and nudges I hear pressed into my heart. Perhaps they’ll trigger your own conversation with our Father, King of kings, God of all Creation!

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