Enjoyment – Your Kingdom Come, and Perfect Will May it Be Done!

The Lord’s Prayer. What a simply beautiful and beautifully simple prayer. I’ve been studying it, allowing myself to sink deeper and deeper into the power of its every word strung together like fine jewels. 

(Last week and) for the next series of entries, I want to open up the treasure that is this little prayer, and deposit my humble words of awe and tribute. My hope is that you may join me to just sit, soak and soar together, and knit our hearts closer and closer to our most wonderful Gardener.


Oh Father! Make Your most splendid Kingdom’s way to come and replace all our little ‘kingdoms’: all our idols and rules and benchmarks and self-absorbed and self-serving models; all our yardsticks of performance and expectations that we create in our own name and our own image. Bring them under Your rule, Abba.

Make Your impeccable way to come in and soak and overtake my heart, overtake all our hearts and minds and spirits and souls and bodies. Break up all the innocuous, all the hefty destructive patterns within us and around us, and keep us sensitive, mindful, wise and avoidant of their ploys, plying and schemes, of their cloaked lures.

God's Way is PerfectMake Your most perfect desire and will to come in and define me Papa, in this family, in this home, on this street, in this community and city and country, in this global family. Make it to come in all our places of work and rest and play – in every corner of our minds and in every drop of our days. Make Your strength to bring Your fullness and complete health to all of us in our spirits and so our bodies. Make us as beacons that sing, shine and cast the warmth of your light far and wide! Oh Father, empower us so we may we have the courage and strength to stand, and to stand victorious against the ways of this world; to kneel before You when we find it hard to stand; to be humble and mannered as is becoming children of the loving King, and act in grace as we live, and lead by our living. May we rightly tend all Your Creation – this beautiful earth and all upon it – so the glory of Your heavenly will be done here on this spectacular sparkling globe!

Yes, help us Papa, to think and act smack-dab in the breeze and flow of Your will, Your will for the very best-ever for us that is beyond our wildest imaginations of utter fulfillment. Help us, help our spirits to partner with your Spirit – your very Heart that is connected to our own innermosts. Help us to break free of worldly constraints, to resist them with growing ease by Your strength suffused in us, and follow only You! Make us Your hands and feet and lips and hearts so that we may be Your messengers; messengers that live out the Truth of your Love that sweeps up this world and sets it ablaze with yearning and passion for You.

Oh yes, Father! Make Your Kingdom to come to rule in the place of all our kingdoms, and make Your will to be done in all ways – always!

Soil and Seed


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